Monday, February 13, 2012

Drop the Sci-Fi

Hmm, I thought I had written a post about why I'm not updating this blog.

Along about the time I finished up that last one, I spent days in on and off prayer. The answer to my questions about what I should do next shot out: Drop the sci-fi.

For a few months? Days? Forever? With no answer to those questions, I simply ceased and turned other directions. My LIGHT folder went into Archives and I forgot about the blog, the characters, and future (or not) stories.

I've started a new novel, Her Father's Eyes, and am totally in love with the story. (

Do I miss LIGHT? Yes. But it feels like I'm in a trial period. Like God wanted to see if I would really and completely abandon something I loved so much. I did.

Now, bits and pieces are coming back to me. After this novel, and publishing Third Side of the Coin, Complete Collection, I plan to edit the LIGHT material I have and publish it.

Unless God tells me otherwise.

~S.E. Sawyer