Book 1: Into the Stars

Her record is exemplarily. Her position envied. Her missions are accomplished. But one thing lacks in Jael Kowkab’s work: the sharing of her Christian faith.

Earth is the low man on the totem pole in a universe filled with the superior planets it birthed. The mother planet’s scorn began a hundred years ago when it nearly destroyed itself in a race for the ultimate tech. Still trying to steady its position, the people of Earth begin space travel again, though careful to make their advances in a non-threatening fashion.

The Leading Intergalactic Humanitarian Teams, an Earth-based organization, was the first to expand beyond the confines of their galaxy with high hopes of saving the universe, or at least part of it. Several LIGHT stations dot the galaxies, but they only posses two ships equipped for direct aid to planets otherwise held in the helpless grip of war and oppression. The Galactic Sparrow never ventures far from Earth, its tour duties scheduled in six month intervals. This is where we find our heroine, chief humanitarian Commander Jael Kowkab, second in command on the Sparrow.

LIGHT policy forbids any form of religious projection by its members. This stems from the ban that stretches through the universe. When people began migrating to other planets, their goal was to leave the religious circus behind. These planets forbid religion in any form, and attempts to evangelize can be considered an act of war.

But that’s only one reason most Christians dare not enter space. The lukewarm faith of the churches on Earth leaves room to doubt just how far God’s reach really is. Jael faced her doubts long ago, and knows the Holy Spirit dwells in her no matter how far she travels. But her paralyzing fear lies in the threat of Earth Council’s Religious Span Ban. If proven guilty, one could suffer banishment from space for life. And life in space means everything to Jael.

But when she loses a team member without having shared the gospel with him, Jael considers quitting LIGHT. Before she decides, the admiral of LIGHT gives her a choice between taking a new assignment on the Galactic Eagle or a permanent Earth position. The Eagle’s chief humanitarian had committed suicide in deep space. Still grappling with her recent spiritual turmoil, Jael takes the assignment, knowing she now faces a four year tour in deep space under Captain Appolos Rei—her estranged half brother.

Now third in command, Jael faces a new challenge in the form of chief science officer, Commander Ain Vophsi. Vophsi never made a full recovery from his personal and professional disaster over twenty years ago. His only goal now is leaving a legacy to overpower all past failures. He’s set to accomplish this with his work as second in command of the Eagle; until the highly intelligent, highly qualified Commander Kowkab threatens that position.

On the critical first mission to an unknown planet, all their knowledge and skills are put to the test as more than one competition arises.

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