Adventures that take you to the edge of the cliff, and sometimes drop you.

I didn’t watch or read sci-fi growing up, mainly because of the aliens and hidden themes. So if you’re looking for some Bible-based sci-fi (alien free) or just adventure in space, you’ll enjoy the LIGHT series (Leading Intergalactic Humanitarian Teams).

Set hundreds of years and as many colonized planets in the future, the stories revolve around Jael Kowkab, the lone Christian on the humanitarian aid ship, the Galactic Eagle. Few Christians have ever traveled to deep space and even fewer have returned. Combine that with Captain Rei, Jael’s estranged half-brother, and chief science officer Vophsi, her new enemy, and you have the makings of some harrowing adventures – physical and spiritual.
Book 1, Into the Stars, coming soon.

~S.E. Sawyer