Monday, September 29, 2014

Book Review – Crater Trueblood by Homer Hickman

Book Three of the Helium-3 series takes readers back to the moon and a few years into the future. Crater has come a long way from the quiet Heel-3 miner boy on the way back of the moon. He has his own business now with his brother and a crowhopper. But his heart still lies where it always has, and his simple way of understanding things remains unchanged. He’s a worthy opponent to his adversaries, but an even better friend.

In this book, Crater is launched on yet another mission to rescue Maria, with stakes and obstacles higher than ever. It takes a whole team of friends and family, enemies and bystanders, to attempt the desperate rescue plan. But what will the reward be even if they are successful?


I did enjoy this third book of the series. Crater is one of the most loveable characters who can remain unchanged by fame, fortune or adversity. I did not, however, enjoy yet another dramatic saga with the selfish Maria. While she has her redeeming qualities with an admirable toughness and resilience, the drama of another plot of should they be together? was a bit much. Still, the rescue adventure was worth the read itself, taking me on a realistic journey across the moon and through space, where a deadly horde of asteroids awaits to take out Earth and all humanity. BookLook Bloggers® provided my review copy of this book.

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