Sunday, November 27, 2011

Mission Accomplished: NaNoWriMo: Veryfied!

It’s official. I uploaded my manuscript and got the congratulatory video and my “winner goodies:” a certificate and my badge:

I actually finished Book 2 around 45,000 words (whoohoo!) and started a short story spin-off, following the characters on an adventure to an ice planet. Vophsi acted very mysteriously, and I didn’t find out what he was up to until Jael did. And now I’m not sure how she’s going to resolve it. I hope she knows.

Back to book 2. It didn’t end exactly the way I wanted it to, but the editing process can take care of that. I so enjoyed the underwater adventure, a story I’ve always wanted to write. I thank God He allowed me to in the month of November, 2011.

~S.E. Sawyer


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Thanks. I had way too much fun :-)