Wednesday, December 7, 2011

New Plans

It's so amazing. Not until I finish a first draft can I comprehend what the story is truly about, and all the elements that go into it. With book 2, I already see so much I want to add to enrich and round out the story. Also, I'm growing to love the stories and characters even more, to the point where I'm considering making each book a full novel instead of novellas.

And that's why I'm narrowing down my book list from eleven to seven. The other ideas will be melded into the novels or become short stories.

Oh, the joy of writing! And editing, and publishing. God is so good.

~S.E. Sawyer

P.S. Jael did a superb job solving the ice planet problem.


Lynda Kay Sawyer said...

I love the excitement that comes from following the Lords lead. Not knowing exactly where things are going, but finding it's always beyond expectations. What fun! The Great Adventure ;-)

Sarah Elisabeth said...

Amen! HE gives us the desires of our heart